A sampling of some of my favorite projects.


Including People With Developmental Disabilities

This WebMD article offers tips on how to be more inclusive of people with conditions like autism and ADHD.

Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Alzheimer’s

This WebMD article discusses the emerging science connecting these three conditions.

Monoclonal Antibodies and Psoriatic Arthritis

This WeBMD article discusses a standard therapy for this common autoimmune condition.

First Steps to Take After an Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

This WebMD article gently guides readers through the process of getting an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

In the background, a 3D printer. White centered text reads: Replacement (Body) Parts: 3D-printed anatomical structures are growing in popularity

Replacement (Body) Parts

This feature article highlights Emory scientists at the cutting edge of 3D-printed anatomy.

Dissecting the Human Body, Virtually

Emory Medicine Magazine spotlights the use of a virtual reality tool to teach anatomy during the pandemic.


Pathogens in the Permafrost: Could Melting Ice Unleash Ancient Diseases?

I wrote this 2-part article for the Emory Destination Health EU blog.

Can a Vampire Give You HIV?

In this Destination Health EU post, I combine pop culture, and science to humorously debunk myths about HIV.


Resilience in the Face of Disaster

For my Podcasting on Health course, another student and I interviewed Linda MaCauley, the Emory Dean of Nursing, to learn about the mental health effects of climate disasters. I coordinated logistics, wrote interview questions, co-hosted the podcast, recorded the audio (using Zoom H1 Recorder, Shure microphone, Sony headphones), and edited sound into the full production using Audacity. Learn more here.

How Humans Are Changing the Disease Cycle

I interviewed Emory researchers on mosquitoborne disease for my Podcasting on Health course. I coordinated logistics, wrote interview questions, hosted the podcast, recorded the audio (using the Zoom H1 Recorder), and edited sound bites into the full production using Audacity.

The Oxford Farm

For my Podcasting on Health course, I visited an organic farm, interviewed the head farmer and volunteers, recorded visual and audio materials (using DSLR camera, tripod, Snowflake USB, iPhone), and edited the final product using iMovie. Learn more here.

A Weekend Providing Healthcare in Rural Appalachia

I created this podcast for a final project in my Health and Human Rights course. After leading a volunteer trip, I produced the script, interviewed participants, recorded the audio (using Zoom H1 Recorder), and edited it into a podcast using Audacity. I incorporated a clip (0:00-23) from the Remote Area Medical documentary directed by Farihah Zaman and Jeff Reichert.


A brown-haired young girl holds up a wand and a mask. Centered title reads: Elissa and the Coronavirus

Elissa and the Coronavirus

In early 2020, I collaborated with a friend to produce this children’s book about how to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taco Tuesday

This story follows a teenager with autism as he navigates his first work experience. It won first prize in the Coalition for Texans With Disabilities’ Pen2Paper fiction contest. It was later featured on the front cover of issue 80 of Kaleidoscope magazine.


The Happening: Reflections on the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting

I wrote this chapbook for my freshman poetry seminar with Poet Laureate Natasha Tretheway. It was awarded the Edna Meudt prize by the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. Learn more and hear some of the poems here.

Communication Campaign

Protecting the NJ Wetlands

A classmate and I produced this campaign (and associated podcast sound bite) for our final project in a class on climate change communications.


Biological Applications at the Cutting Edge of Cryo-Electron Microscopy

This article features some of my work in Elizabeth Walker’s microbiology lab at Emory University.


My Story

I founded this literacy program, which was hosted by Drew Academy and Barack and Michelle Elementary School in 2018–2020.

Health Comms 101

I created and led this interactive workshop on vaccine hesitancy at the 2023 Emory Scholars Retreat.