I’ve earned several awards for my work in writing and science. Here is a brief summary of my recognitions.

The Hatchery’s Discovery Incubator Grant

This grant supported my work with Chrysalis, a book for older kids and teens who have developmental disabilities. Inspired by my own heart surgery experience, I originally wrote it for my cousin who needed a similar operation.

The Rollins Merit Scholarship, The Irene Woodruff Scholarship, and The Hahn-Swanson Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to exceptional students at the Rollins School for Public Health.

Center for the Study of Human Health Outstanding Citizen Award

The Outstanding Citizen Award is given to one graduating student each year in Emory’s Human Health Department. It honors a student who demonstrates a commitment to altruistic service focused on improving the health of others.

Honorable Mention in COVID-19 Mathematical Modeling Contest

For this contest, I provided public health insight for a project that modeled the spread of COVID-19.

Phi Beta Kappa Membership

This organization is the oldest and most prestigious honor society in the United States. It requires coursework across the natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and humanities.

Edna Meudt Award, National Federation of State Poetry Societies

The NFSPS awarded this prize to my first poetry chapbook, The Happening: Reflections on the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting. I read my work at the NFSPS National Conference.

Deanna, a woman with brown hair and glasses, holds a copy of her poetry book, "The Happening: Reflections on the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting." This collection received the Edna Meudt Memorial Award.

1st Place Fiction in the Coalition for Texans with Disabilities’ Pen 2 Paper Contest

This award honored my short story, “Taco Tuesday,” which features a teenager with autism as he embarks on his first working experience.

1st Place Individual and Team Future Problem Solving International Scenario Writing On-Site Competition

This international writing competition asks writers from around the world to collaborate on short story in response to a timed science fiction prompt. My team earned first place, and I was honored with the “Best Writer” award.

Deanna sits with her teammates at the Future Problem Solving International Conference. She holds trophies for her awards as Best Individual Writer, Second-Prize Scenario, and First Place Team Writing.

2nd Place, Future Problem Solving International Scenario Writing

This award honored my short science fiction story, “Escape,” which describes a girl living in a society where carbon dioxide and methane are converted into water and diamonds.

Honorable Mention in Emory Spring 2017 Undergraduate Research Symposium

I created and presented my poster, “Investigating the Structure-Function Relationships the Govern Φ᷾ Cbk-Phage Infection of Caulobacter Crescentus,” at the Emory Undergraduate Research Symposium. This work was later featured in “Biological Applications at the Cutting Edge of Cryo-Electron Microscopy,” published in Microscopy and Microanalysis.

The Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship

This four-year scholarship honors students who demonstrate forceful and unselfish character, creativity and leadership, and personal and intellectual vigor.